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I hired S&W Cabin Rentals in Eufaula, Oklahoma to rent out my house on Lake Eufaula in April 2012.They told me that they would check on the property often and all checks were sent out by the tenth of each month, if not sent out by the tenth, they would add $25.00 for a late fee.

I have a contract that was signed by me and them. Well they have broken the contract by not checking on the property. They have checked on it once in 10 months, since it has been renterd and that was because I called them and ask them to check on the property. They have had checks that are weeks late without adding a $25.00 late charge.

I have had to call the office several times a month since November just to find out where my check was or when they were going to send it out. Today is February 21,2013 and I still do no have my rental check for this month. I went by on Saturday, February 16,2013 to check the property myself and what a mess I found. Bath tub was broken, glass doors to the tub and shower were missing, holes in the wall, grease in the garage, holes in the driveway from spinning out.

When I called the office to complain, they had no idea. They are closed whenever they want to, like today. The renter did pay the rent late this month, he paid it on February 13, but they have still not sent out my check. Karen, the owner, was very rude to me on the phone.

Karen acted like I worked for her, not that she worked for me. I will never do business with them every again, and I suggest that if you value your home and property not to ever use them. As long as they get their 25% they don't care if you ever get paid., or what happens to your property. I had the house and land appraised before the renter moved in, it appraised for $150,000.00 but the shape that it is in now I couldn't get $80,000.00 for it now.

I am going to have to repair the holes in the walls, install a new bath tub and replace the missing tub and shower doors, clean up the grease in the garage, since the renter used it to work on old vehicles. Paint the whole house, there are fingers prints and places where the paint is completely missig. Have the carpet cleaned by a professional. Go in and clean the whole house from top to bottom.

But S&W got their money this month of 25% and I have gotten nothing, but trouble.Please do not use S&W cabin rentals..



I found this review over 2 years after it was posted.Thought that I would reply to this complaint and the comment from someone else that it ensued because I value and appreciate the integrity of S & W Cabins.


Stafford's tenant was a man that had lived in 4 other properties managed by our company. He always rented a high end home paying over $1000/mth rent. He worked in the gas and oil industry and came to our area often. His company paid the rents.

Over the years he had an spotless payment history and the properties he inhabited were left in the same or better condition when he vacated.

Then an incident occurred while he was in Ms. Staffords home involving his company's payment, something had delayed it. Stafford immediately started calling, saying she would sue S & W Cabins for breach of contract because his rent was not in her hands by the 10th as per contract.

In the rental property business this happens once in awhile, and most people accept a late rent payment with late fees cordially.

When this tenant did vacate, I did a walk through with him and Ms. Stafford. He had taken down the shower doors which had come off track and stored them neatly in a closet, and had put up a shower curtain.

His wife had fallen in the garden tub, and he had made good effort to repair the inch long crack in the plastic tub bottom. There were a few grease spots on the garage floor. The rest of the home was in good condition, and he was going to have housekeeping do a thorough cleaning and carpet shampooed by a professional. BUT Ms.

Stafford became irate and a loud argument arose. She demanded that we keep his security deposit for damages, and said additional damage fees would be filed in civil court. I don't know the outcome of all that. But my summary of Ms.

Stafford's behavior is that she was "lawsuit happy" and was looking for anyway to gain money by using the legal system.

The Grahams, who commented after seeing Ms. Staffords complaint did not rent from S & W Cabins. I was property manager for a private citizen and he asked me to help draft a lease between him and the Grahams. They had "excellent" references - but in retrospect I believe these references must have been "concocted." The owner had almost immediate problems with them bringing in 10+ dogs and 6-7 horses.

Their horses ravaged the landscape because they were left unattended/underfed while Mr. Graham worked out of town, and his wife was sick and her and the kids usually stayed somewhere else. T"hey did not make payments properly. The owner did ask me to post 2-3 Pay or Quit" eviction notices since he is overseas often.

So if posting an eviction notice in the act of doing my duties is rude then I am guilty. However, I do not claim to be "unreliable" as I don't understand why I would be involved with their needs. The owner met those and did maintenace, and made payment arrangements with them several times in attempt to help them.

When they finally vacated, they had stolen a big metal smoker, left dog mess and other damages throughout the home, and clutter all over the yard. They really would've been great tenants for Ms.

Safford! Not all people are honest. Some love drama. S & W Cabins has served the Lake Eufaula, OK area for over 15 years.

We are well respected and honored in our community. Thanks to all our clients for doing business with us! We hope you understand that we strive to do the best job possible.

We gladly accept the responsibilities incurred in property management, and apologize for any misunderstandings that arise and work to quickly resolve issues with courtesy.P Smith Property Manager S & W Cabins Lake Eufaula, OK


Hi. So sorry for your experience. We have rented feom s&w before. They are rude and unreliable.

We are a Christian family...homeschool family..and have superb references lookin to rent a home and land in the area. .. long term. Would like to meet with you if you are interested.


to TheGrahams Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States #635008


I am really sorry that you had the same experience as I did with S&W cabin rentals. At this time the house is not up for rent. Sorry....

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